What Are The Different Types Of Socks?

You might be familiar with a few of the more popular styles, but chances are you aren’t privy to just how many different types of socks actually exist!

While you may only rock one or two different styles, there are as many as six different types of socks out there, and each has its place.

We’ll cover them all in the remainder of this blog post, and describe where each one fits into the fashion puzzle.

What Are The Different Cuts & Styles Of Socks?

For the most part socks can be divided up into cuts - the length at which they extend off your foot. These are typically broken up into slip on socks, ankle socks, and calf length socks.

But as you’ll soon learn, socks can be categorized based on use too - there are athletic socks, health socks for diabetics, and even unique, funky socks that really belong in a category of their own!

Slip On Socks (AKA No Show Socks)

The most common sock style is referred to as slip on socks, or no show socks. These are exactly what they sound like: a style of sock that can’t be seen when wearing shoes.

These are commonly paired with loafers or really any low shoe, and are also commonplace for ballerinas and other performers.

The shoe styles you’d wear these with look best without any socks, but not wearing socks comes with problems no one wants: stinky feet and blisters/shoe bite.

Typically made from cotton, these should be a staple in any guy or girls dresser drawer.

Ankle Socks (Low Cut)

Adding just a tad bit more material, ankle socks are another one of the different types of socks you will find in most dresser drawers.

They are pretty similar to slip on socks, but they actually cover your ankle. Nevertheless, they are still a great pairing with loafers and low-cut shoes. 

These can be used by those who think slip on socks don’t provide enough cushion, and lead to blisters/irritation on your ankles. Depending on your shoe style, these can still be considered “no show”.

Calf Length Socks

Now, calf socks consist of more material than both slip on socks and ankle socks. As the name suggests, these reach all the way up your calf muscle. 

Calf length socks have long been a staple in the professional setting, going great with a pair of dress shoes. 

Women wearing dresses will often pair this look with sheer calf socks. Or, if you are wearing high top shoes or a high boot, a wooly pair of calf socks will work great.

Compression Socks (Health Socks)

Compression socks are much tighter around the foot and ankle, and serve an important purpose to the diabetic community to improve circulation.

But, they are also great for preventing your feet from getting tired, and will help with swelling in your feet.

For anyone who doesn’t have a pre-existing condition from which they would benefit from these socks, these aren’t really a great choice. But for some, these can quite literally be a life saver!

Athletic Sports Socks

Athletic sports socks are commonly worn in the gym, training, or when competing. Athletes love them for a few reasons. 

Most of the time, these athletic sports socks feature tech to help wick moisture away from the legs, ankles, and feet. This helps keep your feet dry, and prevents blisters.

They also provide plenty of cushion for your shoes or cleats, which keeps you comfortable, further prevents blisters, and allows you to compete at your best.

Many of these stretch 4 ways, allowing for as high of performance as possible. Whether you are going for a run, hitting the gym, or playing a sport, these should be your go to socks.

Unique, Funky Printed Socks

One of the coolest types of socks out there are the ones that catch your eye the most - unique, funky printed socks.

These come in all shapes, colors, patterns, and more, and are the best sock to be worn leisurely or in public when you want to showcase your personality.

You can get happy, vibrant socks, or opt for some flashy, dark pattern socks depending on the type of outfit you’re wearing or the mood you want to convey.

Here at Sock Soho, funky socks are our specialty. Check out our sock collection and feast your eyes on some of the most unique socks you’ll ever see!

What Are The Best Type Of Socks?

The best type of socks are the pair best suited for what you are doing. If you are an athlete or fitness enthusiast, you truly do need athletic socks to keep your foot health in check.

And if you are wanting to show off your shoes and go for the minimalist look, either slip on socks or ankle socks are your best option.

But if your only goal with socks is to rock something that makes you feel happy, and displays your fun loving side, you should shop accordingly and find some socks that match your personality! At the end of the day, only you know which type of socks are best for you.

Final Thoughts On The Different Types Of Socks

As you can see, there are all kinds of different types of socks out there, some of which you may not have known about before today!

Most people have at least a few of these styles in their wardrobe, but only the finest sock connoisseurs have them all!

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