Socksoho Founders Simarpreet Singh and Pritika Mehta 

SockSoho was built to make fashion accessible to men. And fashion is not only about how you look, but also how you feel. We started with socks as this category has seen no innovation in decades. 

We created this brand to help men add a dash of colour, embrace their personality and be inspired to be the best version of themselves. Great socks aren’t just a finishing flourish on an outfit. They are the first steps to effortless style.

Pritika Mehta - Pritika Mehta is a Data Scientist who quit her job in the US to launch SockSoho. After her M.S. in Artificial Intelligence from State University of New York, she worked with fortune 500 companies including Bank of America and Tripadvisor. She is an Ambassador to TEDx talks and was also chosen as a Global Shaper by World Economic Forum. While she was in US she constantly observed how fashion was easily accessible to not only women but to men as well. This made her itch that why no homegrown brand in India is catering to the needs of 21st century men. And in that moment, SockSoho was born. Watch her TED talk her -

Simarpreet Singh - Simarpreet Singh is an engineer who is passionate about making and scaling brands. His expertise lies in building and executing strategies in growth marketing. Simarpreet always wanted to build products that could go into millions of home. 

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