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Gift Boxes for Men

Creative Sock Gift Box for Men by SockSoho

The Ultimate Collection

Rs. 6,000 Rs. 10,000
Happy Socks Gift Box

Happy Gift Box

Rs. 2,300 Rs. 3,100
SockSoho Luxury gift box for men

Luxury Socks Gift Box For Men

Rs. 2,400 Rs. 3,200
Power Sock Gift Box for men

Power Gift Box

Rs. 3,200 Rs. 4,100

World's most comfortable socks

Our socks are engineered to provide maximum comfort with style. Experience the finest quality cotton on your feet designed by some of the best artists from across the world.
Try our collection to feel the difference.




Bollywood celebrities including Vicky Kaushal, Ayushmann Khurrana, India's top CEOs, Entrepreneurs etc. enjoy SockSoho Socks. Our clientele consist of men who enjoy luxury, comfort and style 


Our looks


Amit Chaudhary Founder, Lenskart

Love the name and product, like the concept and amazing way to sell. Kudos to SockSoho! I enjoy wearing SockSoho socks.

Animesh Kumar Software Engineer, Paypal
(San Jose)

Have been wearing SockSoho socks for a year now. I like how they easily get along with every attire, be it formal or casual. The way SockSoho has engineered socks to make them hold the feet comfortably throughtout the day is just amazing!!

Ritika Rampal Researcher, AIIMS

Gifted your Happy Gift box to my husband on his birthday and he just loved them! He now only wears @SockSoho socks to all his important meetings.

Rajat Gupta MBA, ISB

Wore your socks on my wedding. They stole the thunder of my three piece suit and sherwani. Your socks are super soft and comfortable!

Maurizio Berti Curator, TEDxCesena

Absolutely in love with your stripes edition! Best part is the make of elastic at the top. That's the first thing I check before buying socks. Your elastic has great grip and is not at all tight. I can wear it for hours without any stress