Vibrant, and Colorful: Socks Inspired By Yellowstone

Question time: For your next trip, would you rather want to go on a:
Geographical land site with nature’s most unimaginable wonder to tweak the curious side of yours or
The plush green meadows and pine trees, with mountain ranges in the backdrop, to celebrate the peaceful side of yours?
So, are you ready with the answer?
It’s time to take out your hiking boots and bring out your sunglasses because today we are taking you to nature’s biggest marvel, Yellowstone National Park.

Spanning over 3,468.4 square miles, Yellowstone National Park is not only home to half of the world’s geysers but is also the first national park, of the world. Established in 1872, this haven of nature is largely known for reintroducing thousands of endangered animals into the world again!
Quick facts- Do you remember the movie 2012?

Yes, you guessed it right. The movie heavily featured Yellowstone National Park. So, in case you want to get a virtual tour before you land there, you can always rewatch that movie! But while you are here, let’s take you through a virtual tour right about now!


Measuring 370 feet across, The Grand Prismatic Spring is the world’s third-largest hot spring! But do you wonder where does the beautiful colours come from? It’s all the work of the microorganisms that live in the 160-degree Fahrenheit water, tinting it a vivid red and orange!
Special tip- For the best view of the spring, you can hike up to the ‘Midway bluff’ and experience the surreal beauty.


No, we aren’t talking about a person, we are introducing you to this giant geyser that made Yellowstone National Park so famous. Getting its name from being the most predictable geyser in the world, it hurls hot water every 60-90 minutes, to more than 150 feet into the air!
If you come in early then you will also be able to witness many different animal species, coming in to seek warm ground in this site!
Quick facts- Geysers are a huge sign of a slumbering volcano, below the park. The Yellowstone Caldera is a volcanic caldera or a supervolcano, that is situated under the Yellowstone national park.


Yellowstone National Park is filled with more than 200 species of animals, including more than 840 types of grizzly bear. Around 100 grey wolves, making up around 10 wolf packs, call this park their home today, since their reintroduction in 1995. During July and August, you can also be the witness to hundreds of bison, displaying their dominance.

So, did you enjoy today’s trip, to nature’s finest Yellowstone National Park?

As it is rightly said, that Everything we do, is inspired by Nature, we picked out our favourite moment from the trip to create the best tribute to this fine creation of our Mother Earth. Adorned with all the colours of the Grand Prismatic Spring, and the vivacious spirit of the giant waterfalls, supervolcanoes and the geysers, we present you the- Yellowstone Editon Socks.

Pritika Mehta, Founder of SockSoho, visited the park in 2018 and since then she adored the beauty of these colours. She couldn’t get over the vividness of these hues and decided to use them to create a masterpiece of designer sock.
She named them as Yellowstone, after the Park which inspired her. It is now the best selling designer pair at SockSoho. In fact, some of the biggest Bollywood celebrities were spotted flaunting this edition.

Bollywood celebrities Vicky Kaushal and Sunny Kaushal flaunting their Yellowstone Editions.
Want to experience the energy and vibes of this natural sanctuary from wherever you are? Take out your Yellowstone Edition Socks and you will be surely transported to a land with gushing waterfalls, and supervolcanoes and geysers! So, stay in touch, with your inner effervescence and scintillating personality and lose yourself in the depth of Mother Earth!

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