What are Diabetic Socks?

What are diabetic socks? When you first learn you’re living with this new condition you are going to have a lot of questions.

And in learning of the different treatments and modalities you’ll be implementing, this is one question you are definitely going to have. 

You may have your hesitations and doubts that these socks can have benefits for you, but don’t you worry - we are going to cover all the benefits of diabetic socks, and explain how you can use them in your ongoing battle with this disease.

We’ll also share the best diabetic socks with you, so you can take full advantage of this tool. Before we do that, though, we need to answer the question, “What are diabetic socks?” and explain the science behind them.

What Are Diabetic Socks?

When asking, “what are diabetic socks?”, you can obviously surmise a few things from the name.

Obviously, there are specialized socks for diabetics. But why do diabetics need their own socks? What do these do?

To help you truly understand what diabetic socks are, we need to talk about one of the unfortunate side effects of diabetes.

Why Diabetics Need Special Socks

One of the side effects of diabetes is a loss of circulation and neuropathy, which is essentially a form of nerve damage. One of the problem areas this can occur is in the feet, and it can cause a decrease in circulation.

With this comes a whole host of issues. Some of the most notable include:

  • Frequent sweating in your feet, which can cause irritation, blisters, or bacteria issues.
  • Decreased sensation in the feet, which increases the risk of foot injury. 
  • Decreased pedal pulse, which can be associated with an increased risk of peripheral arterial disease.

With all of this in mind, let’s now move onto the benefits of diabetic socks.

What Are The Benefits Of Diabetic Socks?

These socks are designed to alleviate all the issues we just mentioned above. One benefit of diabetic socks is the moisture-wicking material from which they are made keeps your feet dry. 

Because of this, your risk of developing fungal infections is way lower. This also prevents foot odor, while cutting down on your likelihood of developing blisters. Furthermore, they are typically seamless, which further decreases your risk of blister development.

And, because the material is also antimicrobial, bacteria and fungi will have an even harder time coming to fruition. Athlete’s foot is more common in those with diabetes, and this helps prevent it.

But the biggest reason diabetics wear these socks is for the circulation they provide - as this improves your wellbeing dramatically. They are also padded, which helps decrease your likelihood of injuring your feet.

Are Diabetic Socks The Same As Compression Socks?

Another common type of socks are compression socks. Sometimes, people refer to diabetic socks as compression socks, but are they the same thing?

The answer is no. Diabetic socks and compression socks are separate categories. While they share some similarities - both seeking to increase circulation in your feet - compression socks don’t feature many of the same benefits of diabetic socks.

They aren’t antimicrobial, and don’t feature the same padding or seamless design. That isn’t to say compression socks aren’t useful, they are just not ideal for those with diabetes!

How Long Can You Wear Diabetic Socks?

While sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad, that is not the case with diabetic socks. These can be worn daily with no risk of adverse effects.

In fact, it is even recommended that certain groups of people wear these every day. These groups include anyone who is noticing issues with circulation, or any of the potential problems we listed above from diabetic neuropathy.

Not every diabetic needs these socks, though. There are plenty of people who have this condition and do not experience any problems with circulation or neuropathy.

Should Diabetics Sleep With Their Socks On?

Another common question those with diabetes ask is, “Should diabetics sleep with their socks on?”.

This comes down to personal preference. But, those suffering from circulation or neuropathy will benefit from wearing their diabetic socks as much as possible - day or night.

What Are The Best Diabetic Socks?

Now that you know what diabetic socks are and how they can help you with your illness, you might be wondering what your best options are.

There are so many options out there, it can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, there is a clear choice.

SockSoho’s Fun, Unique Socks

Most diabetic socks are pretty boring, and honestly kind of unsightly. If you want socks that provide the benefits of diabetic socks but allow you to showcase your personality and stand out, you need to check out SockSoho’s sock collection.

We have so many different styles, from unique, happy socks with faces and and vibrants colors to sleek, stylish designer socks.

The best part, though, is they can provide all the benefits of diabetic socks. You don’t need to wear boring, bland socks to keep your foot health in good condition!

If someone in your life is suffering from decreased circulation or foot neuropathy, consider one of our gift boxes, which will include a collection of different socks to help them start feeling better ASAP.

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