History of Silicon Valley (in Pictures)

While everyone stares starry-eyed at the Silicon Valley, the beating heart of tech innovation in the world, there are more than a few questions about how this region became the technology hotspot of the world. How did it start? When were the big companies founded?

Scroll below to be know about the origins of Silicon Valley (Bay Area).
History of Google, Apple, Facebook, Silicon Valley, Startups Socks

In the 1800s, it was the hub of telegraph and radio services.
In 1909, one of the first radio stations of the US, was opened in San Jose.
In 1933, Moffett Field becomes a hub for the early aerospace industry.
Scientists and researchers find work in the area.
Not very exciting, right?

hewlett packard enters Startup Mecca Silicon Valley. History of HP (hewlett packard) and their Bay Area origins story. Beginnings of Palo Alto area

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, popularly known as HP,
originally made oscilloscopes. During WWII, they made artillery and radar technology
Mountain View origin history story, Shockley Semiconductor Labs

First Shockley co-invented the transistor at Bell Labs and then left to form his own company in 1956.

Fairchild Semiconductor origin story in Bay Area

Tired of his behavior, 8 employees leave Shockley’s company.
Santa Clara Gordon Moore Robert Noyce Intel Origin founders inspirational story

The first of the ‘Traitorous Eight’ to start their own ventures.
AMD Nvidia Kleiner Perkins Venture Capital Funding Startups Investment silicon valley story

AMD or Advanced Micro Devices is a semiconductor based company.
Nvidia designs graphic processing units (GPUs) for gaming and professional markets.
Kleiner Perkins is a prime venture capital firm.

Stanford ARPANET Internet foundation formation origin story

This cements Stanford’s position as one of the top pioneer industries for technology, and also helps in building the region’s reputation.

Palo Alto Xerox PARC Labs

PARC Lab invented ethernet networking, the concept of GUI, computer graphics, and laser printers.

Don Hoefler Silicon valley USA Semiconductor story origin

The report title which gave the Valley its popular namesake.

Apple Atari Oracle Silicon Valley Bay Area formation foundation origin story
Apple Computing semiconductor Steve Jobs Bill Gates
Things really grew big when Apple had its first IPO in December 1980. Venture capitalists flocked to the scene to make the most of the opportunity.
Sun Microsystems was founded by Stanford alumni in 1982.

In 1984, Cisco Systems was set up by Leonard Bosack (ex Stanford faculty) and his wife Sandy Lerner.
Ebay Yahoo Paypal Google Foundation formation story ideas startup funding venture capital

Giants begin setting up their offices.

Y combinator Micheal Seibel Paul Graham Jessica Livingston Gustaf Alströmer Eric migicovsky Sam Altman Founding Story Facebook Mark Zuckerberg starting Elon Musk Tesla Brian Chesky Joe Gebbia Nathan Blecharczyk founders CEOs startup Bay Area Silicon Valley

The wave continues well into 2000 and is still raging strong as ever.
The rest as they say:
Future of startups Silicon Valley

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