To New Beginnings: The Gentleman Edition

Do you remember the sense of positivity you felt when you saw a lone daisy flower in the midst of a deserted street? Or when the white clouds filled the sky, on a clear day? Well, we are here to tell you that the optimism you felt in your heart was solely because of our affinity towards the colour white.
Not only is it the colour of peace and truth it’s also, the colour of freedom and simplicity. The subtlety and the magic of this colour makes it a neutral colour that goes with any and everything!
We asked Robert Gilbert, a colour specialist, about his take on white.
“White has a certain charm that other colours, can never bring. A main reason why wedding dresses are made with white, it brings positivity and hope to your heart. It’s a simple colour that can make you feel such strong emotions! Whenever I wear white I feel very elegant and subtle. It’s a very calming colour for me.”
Of course, just plain white has its own charm. But add another classic colour of all time, black, and you get, the most epic combination of all time. Want to see how?


Bring out your suits and polish your shoes, because today we are completing your Gentleman look. Introducing to you, the Classy and chic, Gentleman Edition Socks.

Designed for men, who have a distinguished sense of fashion and likes the simplicity in luxury, The Gentleman Edition is a must-have for every classic sock drawer. From black tie to your most colourful ensemble, this edition will make sure, that it every attire you look like a true gentleman!
A classic design deserves to be worn in the highest quality. That’s why we bring to you the best of the best, Scottish Lisle cotton, our fabric of the future. The Lisle cotton is not only extra soft on the skin but has a lustre and luxurious feel to it. Gone will be the days of faded colours and wrinkly socks because you deserve the best!


Built to be subtle yet eye-catching, The Gentleman Edition is definitely a must-have for the 21st-century men. And if your man loves white, this could make for a perfect gift for your anniversary or his birthday or just an everyday gift to show him how much you love him. Make heads turn, with the grace and poise of a true gentleman and give in to the evergreen and elegant, classic fashion!

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