Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs or Bitcoins: What Motivates You?

Imagine this. It’s at 3 am. It’s gently drizzling outside. A nice cold breeze flows. Seems like the whole city has gone to a comfortable sleep.
But you are awake. Sounds challenging right? Welcome to the life of a start-up founder.
Do you have a man in your life, who needs the boost of inspiration and motivation to move forward? Don't worry, we've got your back with some very creative and unique gifts you can choose from.
Whether you’re looking for a gift for your tech-savvy boyfriend or a gift for your successful son; we have a solution for unique gift ideas for men.
(Hint: It involves quirky, fun and colourful socks).

Is your man a fan of Steve Jobs?

Inspired by the man who changed the world this colourful and funky Steve Jobs Edition socks are the cherry to the cake.
Adorned with the colours of the original Apple Logo, these socks scream “I want to put a dent in the universe.”
Don’t believe us. Hear it yourself.

Mrs Accharya had great things to say about her experience with gifting socks.
“Nowadays, It is so difficult to get the perfect gift for young boys like my son. Either you spend thousands behind a gadget or go for generic gifts like wallets or belts. Through a neighbour, I learned about SockSoho. At first, I was hesitant. But then when I saw the products, I was so excited. Finally, I selected the Steve Jobs Socks Edition for my son, who recently graduated from Harvard with an MBA degree and is a huge fan of Steve Jobs. I wish him well and hope these socks keep inspiring him to reach greater heights and break the glass ceiling."

Wondering what to gift your tech-savvy brother for his graduation?

The shrine of every techie start-up founder out there; the one and only Silicon Valley is regarded to be the centre of building technology, innovation and social media giants, bringing the world together.
It stands for the excellence and brilliance of innovation, every quality that reverberates with the entrepreneur in your lives. Wondering why you should gift The Silicon Valley Edition Socks? Read on.
“My brother loved the gift”, says Shivani Rathode, sister of Mayank Rathode, a successful tech company owner in Silicon Valley. “Mayank always knew that Silicon Valley was his goal. He worked hard to reach where he is now. We are so proud of him!”.
This gift represents the soul of Silicon Valley with the Golden Gate Bridge, the four cities and coffee cups!
“The socks were the perfect way I could let my brother know; how proud he makes us. The first message on our Whatsapp family group every morning is him wearing the socks to head out to the office; it makes our day!”

Impressed by the power of cryptocurrency and cannot stop talking about how great it is?

The Cryptocurrency Edition Socks are no different. Highlighting the key process of financial transactions that every tech-savvy guy goes through; it is a silent ode to the brilliance of technology.
Inspired by the famous bitcoins, Ethereum or Litecoins, these socks will ensure that motivation is always around the corner.
Nivin Ramanathan, a tech founder, was pretty content with his normal socks, until the day his investor gifted him the Cryptocurrency Socks from SockSoho.
“Who knew my life would change in such a subtle but colourful way? I couldn't resist and wore it to the office the next day itself. After getting these socks, I am never looking back again. They are the coolest pair I own!”, he showed us the pair he was wearing at the moment.
Anyone who believes in the digitization of currency and believes in the power of cryptocurrency will find these socks extremely interesting.
Just like Nivin, Google employee Somnath Lal had similar feelings.
“You see superhero merch and movie merch. I never thought I’ll get something that people like us are interested in. Did I ever think that I will own a Steve Jobs Merchandise? Thanks to my good friend, who gifted these to me on my birthday. Ever since I read a biography by Steve Jobs, I was an admirer. His ideas blew my mind. And to be able to wear his merch? Honestly, it makes me very happy. When you start on a good note, you have the positive energy to continue forward. These socks do exactly that, for me.”

How about a burst of innovation for the upcoming birthday?

Our socks are incredibly unique and creative, on their own. But the moment you put it in a Power Gift Box, with the rest of our collection, it is a class apart.
Pooja Verma might look completely at peace when you see her. But inside she’s thinking with the speed of light.
“My husband is a start-up founder. I help him with his work. Our experience taught us that there is no time left to waste and working hard at the moment is the only solution.”
When it came to gifting options, Pooja was clear.
“I want him to be motivated at all times. The SockSoho gift box set is my favourite gifting item ever. I surprised him with this box on Valentine’s day, and he could not be happier.”
The gift box that includes Steve Jobs Socks, Silicon Valley Socks, Cryptocurrency Socks, among others is the perfect gifts for the young entrepreneurs of India.

Shout out to all the young entrepreneurs and the start-up founders of India and the world. Remind them, that they are creating an easier and a more technologically advanced world for tomorrow. Therefore, go out there with the fire in your heart and succeed because as they say, a warm foot, can conquer the world.


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