Timeless Fashion- How Stripes Define The Man

Did you know that the famous stripe pattern that we wear so extensively today, was originally brought to fashion by Queen Victoria? No, we aren’t joking. Probably one of the oldest patterns, The Stripes are more than a thousand year old, having first appeared in the 5th Century.
But how is it so fashionable today that almost every man owns more than 2 or 3 striped outfits? It was all the work of Coco Chanel, the ultimate fashion guru.

She included the Breton stripes in her collection and in a flash, it was an earth-shaking craze.

Although it is very common to wear a striped shirt or a stripes pant, it is more interesting to pair up your outfit with colourful striped socks.
Whether a business attire or a family gathering, the perfect striped men’s striped socks can make you a striped fashion influencer.
Every stripe has a different story and every colour palette a different vibe. We have stripes for every season and for every mood. Let us take you on our journey of stripes that are inspired by some of the most breathtaking places across the world. For which, we are here, with 4 ways you can style your outfit with our fun and bold luxury striped socks, according to your every mood.

1. Camping in Yellowstone Park in the US- The Yellowstone Edition Socks

If there is any place on earth that shows the beauty of mother nature, it is here. Yellowstone National Park, situated in Wyoming, USA, is a sight for sore eyes. Including natural marvels such as The Grand Prismatic Spring and the Old faithful Geyser, it is also the home to hundreds of animal species including antelopes, bison, etc.
The colours that define Yellowstone National Park, like orange which is always associated with enthusiasm and happiness, and green which is associated with optimism and compassion, that makes up these Yellowstone Edition Luxury Dress Socks, always brings out the best version of you outside.
Let's see how Bollywood celebs, CEOs and other amazing men are styling this piece of art:

Bollywood Superstar Vicky Kaushal flaunting the Yellowstone Edition Socks

Bollywood actor Sunny Kaushal looking dapper in the Yellowstone Edition Socks

As a clear cut bestseller, this colourful Yellowstone Edition Socks, have won the hearts of men around the world.

Rajat Gupta, an Alumni of ISB took the sock game one notch higher and wore The Yellowstone Edition Socks at his wedding. In his own words,
“The socks stole the thunder of both the three-piece Suit and Sherwani.”
We wish him the best of everything for his married life ahead.

Rakesh Mathuria, an Indian Oil Employee, told us graciously,
“Thanks #SockSoho for my Yellowstone socks, I just love it. The colours are vibrant, like my colourful vibrant life. Just love the fabric and above all the stripes colours! These make me feel super bold and confident. Can’t wait for the next Edition of your collection! ”
Want to look as colourful and vibrant as him? Your pair of Yellowstone Edition Sock is waiting for you!

Animesh Kumar sure knows how to flawlessly carry The Yellowstone Edition Socks.
“When your personality is so colourful, why shouldn’t your socks be the same? The Yellowstone Edition Socks are the most comfortable and fashionable socks I have worn. Not only have I received many compliments from my colleagues, but they have also started wearing Socksoho socks now. ”
You got us, Animesh!

2. Dramatic Sunsets in Santorini, Greece-The Santorini Edition Socks

Romantic candlelight dinners beside the Aegean Sea, the pristine clear sky reflecting the city’s colours and a breathtaking melange of colours. Santorini has always held the position of ‘Most Romantic City’, with its dramatic view and stunning landscapes. Not just that, this little city in Greece offers the best sunsets in the world.

These are how our customers are styling the Santorini Edition Socks in their everyday life
Taking the colours that define this city, we have created the Santorini Edition Luxury Dress Socks. The stripe’s colour white is often associated with freshness and clarity, red with love and passion while blue with inspiration and intensity.

From PJs to Formal outfit, The Santorini Edition Socks, look amazing everywhere!
For those impromptu romantic getaways or a calm and inspiring day with your ladylove, this is the one pair you should definitely choose. Let the inner love and passion drive you towards freshness and clarity, everything that the ethereal city of Santorini stands for.
Not only Bollywood actors but India's biggest CEOs love them too. In fact, the Founder of Lenskart, Amit Chaudhary said,
“Love the name and product, like the concept and amazing way to sell.”
He’s worn The Santorini Edition Socks in various different occasions showing us how to style stripes like an expert!
All the way from Bahrain, we have Farshana Ali, who gifted our Santorini Edition socks, to her husband Asrar for his 30th birthday.
“I always saw him in plain, boring black socks. I couldn’t convince him to wear anything else until I bought him the Santorini Edition Socks for his birthday. He genuinely loved the colours and said that it is super comfortable as well. Next day he wore it to his office and came back home with a huge smile. Everybody had complimented him on his socks in the office! Now he is in love with them and wears only your stripes to all of his important meetings. Thank you Socksoho!.”

3. Havana Oh Na Na- The Havana Edition Socks

Havana, the capital of the bold and beautiful Cuba. The inspiration to countless artists, it’s a city that taught us how to be gracefully different. The Spanish-influenced Cathedral buildings in Old Havana almost call out to us, to drown in the sea of beauty.
Inspired by this vibrant city, comes the Havana Edition Luxury dress Socks. The stripe’s colour yellow, often associated with energy, cheerful and standing out, it is the go-to colourful pair of dress socks for days when you are brimming with new ideas and your youthful energy is unstoppable. Stand out in the crowd of ordinary with this pair.

The Havana Edition Socks looks stunning on our customers.
Just like Havana, our socks will always inspire you to be outstanding in your own way.

“I love these socks. Have worn them on hikes, office and parties. Very comfortable and always an eye-catcher”
says Vickey Pandit, a resident of Mumbai who enjoys wearing our striped collection.

“I ordered your socks for myself. My son loved it so much that I had to order another pair for him too.”
said Kunal Suryawanshi, who sent us this adorable picture of both of them.

4. From the Parks of Ashikaga- The Ashikaga Edition Socks

Ah! The beauty of Ashikaga Flower Park. This destination in Japan is why we still believe in fairytales. Filled with the most beautiful Wisteria flowers, Ashikaga takes you to a different world altogether.

Our customers know just how to carry The Ashikaga Edition socks with such swag.
Just like the park, the stripe’s colour purple is associated with magical or mysterious energies, a sense of regalness and a soothing and calming sense.
A perfect pair of luxury striped dress socks for days when you feel unnaturally calm and enjoy staying in your world of imagination. Let the Ashikaga Edition Luxury dress Socks remind you of your royalty, your regality and your aura of mystery. Let it bring more magical evenings to soothe your mind.

Dr Vinay Narayan Pandit had never experimented with socks before. He would have stuck to his usual grey ones, had he not seen his good friend wearing an Ashikaga Edition Sock from SockSoho at a party. He exclaimed-
“Those socks caught my eye and I inquired and found out about Socksoho, that day. This was my first experiment with socks. But once I wore it there was no going back. I even bought their Ultimate Collection gift box, because I am enjoying them so much. Just loving the fabric, colours and the whole package. My day is made with these socks from SockSoho.”
So head out into the world, and show your energy out loud, with our men’s luxury striped socks. Pick your pair, style it well and step into the next level with fashion in your feet!

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