These Bitcoin Investors Do Not Only Differ In Their Thinking But Also In Their Style

They are the wealthiest men in town. They have single-handedly created a niche in the market. They have taken risks and came up with brilliant ideas to shape the new concept of, cryptocurrency. They are our future.
These men have shown their bravery in the industry but also in fashion. From selecting colourful ties to donning a leather vest, they are the fashion moguls of the generation.
Creating an image for oneself is important, but its imperative for a visionary; and these men have taken the right choice in putting the best foot forward. Taking inspiration from them, we have laid out 5 interesting ways you can pair out-of-the-ordinary apparel with a touch of suave and a whole lot of charm. Read on.

1. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

The Winklevoss Twins, as they are popularly known, are Internet entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Famous for co-founding Hardvard Connection, later renamed as ConnectU, the brothers hold more than $1 billion worth in Bitcoins.
The Winklevoss twins are the perfect example for all those who are too shy to try. They have been spotted multiple times wearing the most unique printed suits. Printed suits are undoubtedly one of the best options to one-up the suit game. Not only does it make for an excellent showstopper, but also goes a long way to define one’s character. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are brilliant examples of how one simple addition can change the attire to an edgy-cum-suave look.
STYLE TIP- Style your printed suits with a solid coloured pant (preferably the colour of the Lapel or the bow-tie) and make it stand out with a white crisp shirt and finish the look with a pair of formal office shoes.

2. Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is a Russian-Canadian cryptocurrency researcher and programmer, who is best known for co-founding Ethereum and The Bitcoin Magazine, which talks about how bitcoins work. He is one of the youngest minds in the cryptocurrency network. He proposed the idea of Ethereum first in 2013 and helped with the initial release in 2015.
Not only has Buterin founded Ethereum, it now seems like he has also founded a new fashion revolution. We’ve seen graphic tees, then we’ve seen neon tees, but the t-shirts of Buterin, cross the boundaries of imagination to create, unique, quirky and funky pieces of art. Whether it is a photoshopped picture of his face, on Jesus’s body with an Ethereum logo necklace, or a specs-clad cat on a three-horned llama, with spaceships in the backdrop, this man sure knows how to light up a room, when he enters.
STYLE TIP - Funky Over-sized Graphic tees might sometimes be intimidating to style appropriately. But if you try pairing it with a pair of denim jeans and a converse all stars shoe, it will bring out the best out of the comfortable yet eye-catching look.

3. Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce, is an American entrepreneur, former child actor and Director of The Bitcoin Foundation. Named one of the “top 20 wealthiest people in Crypto”, by Forbes, Pierce, started as a minor stockholder in an entertainment network and slowly climbed up the corporate ladder, to become a successful venture capitalist and earned a place in the Bitcoin Foundation.
Who says, billionaires, don’t know fashion? One look at Pierce and you’ll be shocked. Bringing back energy from the Wild, Wild, West and 1940s Hollywood, Brock Pierce has maintained a classic approach throughout. Leather vests and sleeveless t-shirts, paired with beaded bracelets and chained necklaces, are definitely a bold step. To make things even more fun, a fine cowboy hat completes his brave look.
STYLE TIP - Although recreating his look, might be hard for some, picking out elements might add boldness to your attire. Pair a white t-shirt with a leather vest, khaki chinos and Woodlands shoes, to score a major fashion point in your day to day life.

4. Tim Draper

Tim Draper is a Venture Capital Investor and an American entrepreneur, starting a chain of ventures including Draper University and Draper Venture Network. He is a well-known investor, who has invested in notable companies like Skype, Tesla, Twitter etc. Widely known for buying bitcoins at an auction by the US Marshals Service, Draper has taken the internet by storm with his tie fashion.
Let’s talk about his style. What’s the very first thing that is catching your eye? Even though the man above is an acclaimed venture capitalist and a big name in the industry, the most prominent thing here is the tie. Not just this, but Draper is known to turn heads, by his collection of ties in various situations. Starting from Bitcoin ties, to map of California ties, there is so much to grasp from this trend.
STYLE TIP - Easily the simplest look to try, a funny or colourful tie is more than an investment, it’s a step towards a confident fashion choice. Style your favourite suit with a light coloured shirt and formal shoes, and lock in the outfit with your most colourful tie or an out-of-the-box pair of Cryptocurrency socks. Whether it's a formal meeting or a fun and casual party, don’t worry, the socks will keep you covered.
These signature add-ons go a long way to create a significant image of a person. It showcases the boldness, confidence and the creativity that resides in you. If they can, why can’t you? Even if you want to know how bitcoin works or straight-up buy Bitcoins, pull up your Cryptocurrency Edition Socks and get to work now.
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