The Hidden Heaven of Japan: Ethereal Ashikaga

Remember this iconic scene from Avatar, when Neytiri introduced to us the Tree of Souls? Admit it, at that moment, all of us wanted to bask in the beauty of Pandora! But, alas, it wasn’t real and our hopes were crushed!
But, would you believe us, if we told you that Earth has an answer for this extraterrestrial beauty?
Welcome to the Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan!
As if the purple colour wasn’t enough to make this park, a haven of mystic energies, Ashikaga is a 23 acres wonderland filled with various flowers, including the beautiful Wysteria (Fuji).

Did you know: At the peak of Spring, Ashikaga Flower Park has an estimated 350 Wysterias, in every colour you can imagine, including pink, purple, white and most commonly- Lavender.

But Where Is This Gorgeous Sanctuary?

Although it is one of the most beautiful and famous flower parks in the world, it is almost a hidden paradise. Tucked away, in the far outskirts of Japan, it takes a 1.5-2 hour bus or train journey, to reach the Ashikaga Flower Park!
But once you reach it there’s no coming back.

When you finally reach the Ashikaga Flower Park station by train, you will never anticipate what is waiting for you! With a very few people here and there, all you will be able to hear are the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves!
It takes another 5 mins to walk from there, to reach the heavenly garden, filled with every type of flowers till the edge of the horizon! Large branches of Wysteria flowers hanging from the tree, soothing smell of the nature and the backdrop of the majestic hills of ‘Orihimeyama’, makes Ashikaga a heaven on Earth.

But what’s so special about this park? Let us walk you through!


Yes, you heard it right! Ashikaga Flower Park is home to one of the oldest residents of the park. The Great Miracle Wysteria Tree! Aged over 140 years, this tree had been transplanted to this park, in 1996, therein making it one of the most ravishing wonders of the park. Looking like something from the pages of a fairytale, The Great Miracle, today, envelops the centre of the park with its thousands of delicate blossoms, hanging as an umbrella above the visitor’s head. It is impossible to believe that all these blossoms come from one tree!

The lighting and the rustic trunk of the tree contrasted with the vibrant blossoms will surely transport you to a magical space and time!
Quick Fact- This tree can be dated back to approximately 1870, which would make it exactly 143 years old!


Just when we thought, Ashikaga Flower Park couldn’t get better, we discovered the Wysteria tunnels.

Three huge trellises, filled with Wysteria blossoms, hang as a prime visiting spot in the Park. From top to bottom, they are packed with exquisite lavender, blue and white blossoms. These tunnels run for more than a 1000 square metres, and a sea of grass under your feet, adds to the serenity and uniqueness of the Park.
But it doesn’t end there. The beautiful fragrance of Wysteria takes us to yet another trellis. But wait, what’s different here? The huge difference is that this trellis is garnished with a rare ‘Double-Petaled’ Wysteria Blossom! The sweet aroma and the vibrant colours will be more than enough to make everything around you seem almost- Dreamy!

Several other flowers such as the vibrant Yellow Kingusari,

And the mauve Yae-Fuji can be seen around the Park, in various trellis, tunnels and flower ponds.

Quick Facts- Wysteria flowers bloom between mid-April and May. So while planning your trip, keep in mind the flowering season.


When you have come so far, there is no way, you should leave, without seeing this oasis, at night. To call it ‘Breathtaking’ would be an understatement for this ethereal glamour!

With countless led lights attached from the blossoms to the ground and beams of white light illuminating the magnificent trunk, it is a spectacle hard to miss.
In fact, if you are lucky you might get to sit under the marvellous lavender trellises of Wysteria all lit up with yellow light and experience the peaceful breeze beside the flower pyramid pools!

If there’s anything that stands out in this trip, it is the power and beauty of nature. After a full day of walking around this park, your heart and soul will be filled with appreciation towards the surprises that nature brings our way. (Not to mention, that your lungs will be packed with pure oxygen!)
The grandeur of the Ashikaga Flower Park and the mystical colours of the famous Wysterias inspired us to play with the hues of the garden. We mixed the purple of the Wysterias, with the yellow and the red of the local flowers, Kingusari and added the pristine blue of the clear sky above us, to bring to you the specially designed- Ashikaga Edition Socks.

Each stripe defines the many shades of flowers you will come across while walking through the vibrant landscape. The colours that used to define Ashikaga, will now define your blooming personality and your colourful attitude! So grab your pair and get closer to the ever-charming and ever-changing; Nature.

Priya Srinivasan, a Delhi-based writer, found out about The Ashikaga Edition Socks, while pleasantly scrolling through Instagram. But the moment she saw it, she knew it was the perfect birthday gift for her husband, who happens to be a Pilot.
“He travels a lot around the world, due to his job, and wherever he goes he receives plenty of compliments due to these socks! It shows his friendly personality extremely well! Safe to say, he is totally loving them!”
Not just Priya, but numerous other customers have also voted The Ashikaga Edition Socks, as the “Most Comfortable yet Stylish Socks”.
So what are you waiting for? Get in-sync with Mother Nature. Take out your socks, grab your shoes, and head out to discover more such secrets of the World! Who knows what you’ll find next?

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