How The Vikings Inspire Today's Powerful And Daring Millenials

The powerful. The fearless. The valiant.

Such was the life of Sweden, who was the homeland for one of the most militarily advanced and technologically forward, Norsemen that the world has ever seen!
Introducing the absolute heroes of the 8th century, THE VIKINGS!
Did you know, that the closest relation to a Viking can be found in our favourite Marvel Superhero of all time, Thor? Thor was one of the most important Norse gods that the Vikings followed. So the next time, you think, how would a Viking look like, he looked like this!
But would you believe it if we told you that you have been living a lie all these years about the Norse superheroes, the Vikings?

4 Myths we have about Vikings

Myth 1: Sweaty, filthy and Dirty Pirates!

Didn’t you think that all these travelling and raiding throughout their lives would make them unclean and stinky? It is exactly the opposite. Turns out these men were quite the hygiene freak. They would carry with them tweezers, razors and combs, to clean themselves ever so often. They also took a bathe every week, which compared to other Europeans at this time (who took a bath twice every year), was incredibly hygienic and clean!

Myth 2: Women Vikings? No, you are lying!

Some of the most legendary Viking warriors of the Norse tribe were actually women. Also called Valkyries, these women were just as courageous, brave and rebellious as the men. Skadi, one of the most popular Valkyries, actually avenged her father’s death by taking her weapons and going to Asgard to challenge Thor! In reality, also, women had a lot of rights. From inheriting properties, requesting a divorce to reclaiming their dowries if their marriage ended, the Vikings really respected their women!

Myth 3: All they did was Fight and Raid!

Sorry to disappoint you, but in reality, most Viking men were heavily into Farming than Fighting! They had vast lands filled with barley, rye and oats, where they dedicated half of each year behind harvesting. They also owned cattle, goats, pigs and other farm animals, and this yielded enough food to support an entire family!

Myth 4: They were cruel rule breakers!

Would you believe it if we say that the Vikings were one of the first hairstylists ever? Not only did they vehemently follow Norse beauty ideals, but also go to big extents to fulfil them. Brunette Vikings would often wash their hair with high lye content soap to bleach them. In some countries, even beards were coloured blonde to stick to the age-old beauty standards!

But how could we always keep the “Never Fail!” attitude alive?

While our founder, Pritika Mehta, was in Sweden she was inspired by how a lot of things in the Scandanavian countries still have the “Never Fail” spirit of Vikings. That is when she thought that a Vikings Editions at SockSoho will be a perfect edition to spread positivity!
After hours of brainstorming and countless design revisions, she came up with the perfect reflection of these lion-hearted men! Combining the blue and yellow of the Swedish Flag, a sturdy grey Sheild and the evergreen words, “Vikings Never Fail”, we introduce the Vikings Edition Socks.
Made especially for men, who are the powerful change-makers and world leaders of the generation, and live by the spirit of Never Give Up.
Kimaya Joshi, a co-founder of a tech-based company, was looking for the best gift she could give her team.
“I wanted my team to be inspired about the future of our company. I looked for gifts for months until I found this beauty on Instagram. The moment I saw the vibrant colours with the words “Vikings Never Fail”, I knew that it was the best gift I could get them.
Just yesterday, we all took a group picture with everyone wearing these socks, and at the end, we all shouted, “We will never fail!”

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one of these pairs and get ready to “Get, Set, Hustle”. Be one with the Vikings and keep spreading the power, optimism and hope, that these Norsemen did all these years ago!
Shop the powerful Vikings Edition Socks here


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