Socks Inspired By The Beautiful Santorini In Greece

Imagine this. You are sitting in this cosy, romantic cafe, overlooking the sea, and the sun. White buildings and the blue roofs peeking around you. With the wind in your hair, you experience the most surreal and transcendental sunset in the world.
Getting into the holiday mood already? We’ll not blame you.
Pick out your best clothes and get ready to pose, because today we are taking you on a trip to the picturesque island of Santorini in Greece!

Popularly known as the lover’s paradise, Santorini is an island in the Aegean Sea, southeast to Greece. Although there are direct planes to reach, the perfect mode of transport would definitely be the luxurious and majestic cruise liners along the Mediterranean.
Want to know how to make the most of this jaw-dropping vacation spot?
Come with us, as we show you around how Santorini takes your breath away from the very first step.


It’s a city filled with gorgeous sunset points! On top of that the pristine blue, wherever your eyes go, makes it ethereal. Local towns such as Oia, are known for having the most stunning views. So pick up your walking shoes and take a walk, along the edge of the island.
Santorini is also an island with a volcanic history. Thus, walking along the caldera edges and the rock-cut cliffs overlooking the glistening water, is a total dream!


Who said sand has to be golden when Santorini shows us the ravishing beauty of a black beach?
Perissa Black sand beach is a must-go for every traveller! Did you know, that due to the volcanic history of Santorini, the beaches here, are in diverse shades? So don’t be shocked when you see red, white and even black sands and pebbles decorating the beaches of this island.


If the movie ‘Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’, which was largely set here, made you think that Santorini is a walker’s heaven then you are right. Walking or renting an ATV is the easiest way of discovering the unknown corners of this island. A walk with your friends around Santorini is both relaxing and refreshing. Just get a local guide or switch on Google Maps and get exploring.


Greek food with feta cheese (Greek cheese made from sheep milk) is to die for. Known for the white aubergine (melitzanosalata), Santorini offers warm and comfy cafes and restaurants which are recognized for their mouth-watering delicacies. ‘Fava Ma Koukia’ (mashed up Fava beans) with a glass of Greek wine, you will be transported to food heaven!
All in all, Santorini is a hidden paradise, which is the perfect physical and mental detox!
One trip to this gorgeous island is enough to refresh you for many years! Even after coming back, you’ll see red, blue and golden colours floating in front of your eyes. The breathtaking sunsets, the white-washed buildings, and the crystal clear skies and the sea will cast a spell on you!
Taking the Maya blue from the famous rooftops and the Aegean Sea, the pearl white from the white-washed buildings, the black from the beautiful black beach in Perissa and the charismatic red from the eye-catching sunsets, we present you the Santorini Edition Socks!
Customers all around the world, including India’s biggest CEOs and founders, have loved the Santorini Edition Socks because of the charisma and charm of the stripes and the colours.

In fact, the founder of Lenskart, Amit Chaudhary said in his own words,
“Love the name and product, like the concept, and amazing way to sell.”
He loved this edition and often shared his pictures on Instagram, by styling them with various other professional attire!
Saurav Kumar, a general surgeon, was struck with awe when his wife gifted him The Santorini Edition socks.
“My feet feel so fresh even after wearing them for more than 10 hours. Very comfortable and the design is also very eye-catching, and at the same time very bold. I really love to wear this pair. Thanks, SockSoho!”
So let the Santorini Edition Socks bring out your inner passion, drive you towards positivity and define your dazzling personality! Grab yours now!

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