Here's The Trend That Bollywood Celebs Are Going Crazy After!

Our very own Bollywood is synonymous to fashion. With talented stylists and a global view of today’s fashion, Bollywood is the best place for us to look up to when it comes to the latest trends and style statements. But are you wondering what is the most awaited trend of this generation, that is going to sweep the country in seconds?


The latest style statement is: Fun and quirky socks. From Celebs to Political leaders to top CEOs, everyone is totally loving this new look! A nice pair of designer socks make you stand out without taking you out of your comfort zone! Seeing a guy wearing a nice pair of luxury designer socks is always a treat to the eyes! Let's see what our Celebs prefer when it comes to making a statement with socks :


Vicky Kaushal, the hottest hunk of Bollywood these days loves to make a statement with these bright and vibrant designer Yellowstone Edition Socks by SockSoho!


Ayushmann is quirky and classy as well and he loves to show the same with his socks. He was seen rocking his trendy style wearing the Classic Black Edition Luxury Men’s Socks from SockSoho.


Sunny Kaushal, the latest heartthrob of Bollywood is all about colours and boldness. He looks dapper in our colourful and vivid Yellowstone Edition Men’s Sock from SockSoho.


Imran Khan is also a big fan of these crazy socks and here he was found making a statement with this Multi-Coloured Striped Socks.


Ranveer Singh, goes for these happy and colourful polka-dotted socks with the classy black suit, for a recent award show.


The Inception star, Joseph Levitt, was the genius behind making mismatched socks a worldwide trend today. If there is anyone who can mix the quirky and classy in one look, it’s definitely him!


Who better than America’s Sweetheart, Chris Evans, to show us, how to carry these bold and beautiful pair in our daily lives. His infectious energy is highlighted with these trendy but classy blue socks!
Not only are our celebs crazy about this trend but some of the world leaders also can’t keep their feet off this trend. Let's have a look at who are the leaders who are shaping the world and also the style world!

Prince William is an icon of elegance for the modern generation. He loves flaunting bold and bright designer socks like these for his many events!

Justin Trudeau, PM of Canada, is the god of fun socks, wearing it often for official meetings!

Leo Varadkar, head of government of Ireland, recently broke the Internet, with his crazy socks!
Be it celebs or India’s top CEOs, one thing stands common in them. They love their SockSoho socks and flaunts them with style and grace. We created SockSoho, keeping fun, style and designer, in our minds and we are beyond proud of the premium luxurious quality of these socks. Made with the finest Scottish Lisle Socks, they are the perfect flag-bearers of classy and trendy fashion.
Whether it’s Vicky Kaushal’s bold colour choice or Ayushmann’s classic black splendour, find it all under one roof at SockSoho. Embrace this trend with the latest designs and patterns specially designed to fit your every mood and occasion! Grab yours now, and join this worldwide fashion revolution!

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