Here's the Perfect Father's Day Gift, According To Your Dad's Personality

Rank the movies in increasing order of scariness:

  1. The Conjuring directed by James Wan
  2. The Exorcist directed by William Friedkin
  3. Aage ka kya socha hai directed by Indian Dads.
Unless we are Sharma Ji ka beta, we have no excuse for our answers. From carrying way too many grocery bags in one hand to outsmarting the GPS, he is one man, who has every solution. We could get all mushy and sweet about this, but who are we kidding? Here’s to the fathers out there.

1. The Savage Father

It’s dinner time. You politely ask your dad, “Papa, salt pass karoge?”. Without even pausing for a second he says, “Tum semester pass karoge?”. When facepalm and unknown guilt are your only expressions, you’ll know you have a Savage father. If your father knows how to handle every problem with a cup of tea and a hint of sarcasm, this is it. Quick thinking and straight forward answers make him a man of fine taste who is ready to experiment.

2. The “Papa Nahi Manenge” Father

Whether it’s for an office party that might get late or a last-minute Goa trip plan, we all know the answer, even before we ask our dads; “Papa nahi manenge, still let’s try”. They are strict and concerned dads, who are always up for a debate on who knows best and have an awesome comeback on “Ab tum humein sikhaoge”. If you have the guts to confront him, you should be given the bravery award right now, but till then embrace him and let him know that it’s equally easy to figure things out together.

3. "Beta tumahari khushi mein hi meri khushi hai" Dad


This dad has a lot of stories. From his days in college to the last time we had a family gathering, he has a sack full of good tales that has the capacity to crack you up and bring tears in your eyes in a matter of seconds. He’s always available for late-night advice and will be there on every one of your important occasions. Are you always emotionally equipped? Give thanks to your dad; it’s definitely because of him.


4. The Comedian Dad

“How much does Santa pay to park his sleigh?”, asks dad. The whole room is silent, and everybody is thinking hard. “Nothing. It’s on the house”, he replies, and roars of laughter follow. They are the in-house entertainment, the Kapil Sharma for every dinner table. Drinking water in front of him is a major mistake, as any moment, he might crack a joke and your filled mouth will burst into laughter. He considers every situation from a funny angle, and if you say you are hungry, he will reply, “Hi hungry, I’m dad”. It’s that simple.

5. The 'Hamare Zamanein Mein' Dad

What struggle they have gone through. From walking to school for miles in the mud and rain to having only 100 rupees to spend for a month, these stories are unfortunately always the result of an argument gone wrong. It’s become such a routine in Indian families, that today when we go through a difficult time in our lives, we remember it clearly so that one day we can tell our children, “Hamare zamaane mein…”

6. The Alok Nath Dad


According to word of mouth, Alok Nath Dad is a sanskari dad who is always into rules and regulations and for them, the family is the priority. Although that makes little sense, it’s always fun to have a dad around who distributes aashirvad like chocolate and knows that your future is very bright because he has prayed to the Gods. He will never forget the basic traditions and will keep you grounded to your roots forever.

7. "IIT K Baad Life Set Hai" Dad!


Beta mera ek hi sapna hai, bas IIT mein admission le lo, phir life set hai! Wait a minute. Don’t get disheartened. If this is what your dad used to say 24/7, he just really wants you to succeed. Achiever dad’s main aim in life is to see you settled. So, don’t mind them, when they keep bugging you about your career and promotions. They just want to see you achieve your dreams and reach your limits. So save a penny for all the times he said, “Mera beta engineer banega” (My son will become an engineer), and buy him the best gift ever.

8. The Super Cool Dad


If last Friday, you were sitting in a bar, with your dad, discussing your girlfriend among many things, you have been the luckiest. You have hit the BINGO with a dad, who’s more of a best friend than father. You have countless memories with him, from sharing your first drink, to breaking your mom’s favourite vase and then cleaning it up before she sees. In this relation, there are no limits and boundaries, which also means that the leg-pulling will be at a maximum throughout your life. Be prepared.

9. The Possessive Father

Does your father know the family history of all the guys you’ve met? Is your boyfriend visibly shaking every time you tell them to meet your dad? Does your life feel like the movie “Father of the Bride”, all the time? We got it. You are the famous Papa’s princess. You got the dollhouses you wanted as a child, and you get by even after causing trouble. Why? Because your father can’t stay mad at you at all and wants you to have everything you want. Know this, that in your whole life you will always be protected. You might also be surprised many times just by seeing how far your dad will go to keep you safe.


Be honest. Have you ever peeked into your phone in the middle of a serious office meeting, just to discover your father sent you this?

Relax. It’s a sign that you have the coolest dads. The selfie king and the gossip girl of the family, he will always know the whos and whats of a major online event. Tell him to stay without his phone for one day and he’ll sulk like a child. From sending fake viral news in WhatsApp to tagging you in trending challenges in Instagram, he knows how to live like a Millennial. Just let him figure out, “Beta, video kaise forward karte he?”, and he will shake the social media world.

No matter what type of personality your father has. He is worth a million dollars. When we are at our best, we are our father’s kid. Let your dad know that behind all your success lies the strong words of advice given by him, behind every good joke you crack lies his treasured sense of humour and behind every gift is the thought that you want your father to get everything he deserves. So, grab your moment and express your gratitude towards the real-life superheroes with these amazing gift boxes.
Happy Sock Gift box for all the fun and quirky dads out there.
Luxury Sock Gift Box for dads who love to have a luxurious lifestyle
Power Sock Gift Box for the dad who loves tech and is the power of our house!
The Ultimate Collection for the Ultimate man in your life, you loves you and protects you beyond anything. To make it more special, we can add a customized postcard on your behalf in these gift boxes with your picture and message on it.


Can you name a gift better than lifetime comfort and fun for the man who is responsible for every big thing in your life? Then think no more and choose the perfect box and make him the happiest father this Father’s Day.



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