Havana Diaries: How the Colors, Culture and People Define The City?

Have you ever hummed, “Havana ooh na na, half of my heart is in Havana ooh na na”, under your breath, and think, “Well where is this Havana after all?
Everybody who has ever been to this secret paradise will understand when we say Havana challenges all of your senses and surprises you at each bend. Whether it is a bold and colourful graffiti on the wall or the smell of coffee all around the city from a coffee factory situated in one of the colonial buildings, this vibrant and beautiful place is what is called a ‘traveller’s paradise”.
Charge up your cameras, bring out your maps and put on your walking shoes because today we are taking you on a trip to the magical city of Havana!

Imagine this. It’s almost evening. The golden rays of the sun are gently falling on the streets. The European-style colonial buildings look as if they have been through an Instagram filter, so photogenic! You are waiting for a taxi, and in time, a blue 1959 Ford Victoria slowly pulls over.
You get in and experience your most life-changing sunset in the world, amidst the golden glow and the vibrant colours of this city.
Doesn’t it sound like a dream? Havana or La Habana is here to make your dream come true!

Divided into three main parts, Old Havana, Vedado and newer suburban districts, Havana is the perfect getaway from the chaos of our daily lives. If you are sick of traffic jams and your mundane monochromatic life, Havana is like a breath of fresh air! The city of colours, as it should be rightly renamed, is bright, vivid and breathtakingly beautiful. From sea-side boulevards in the edge of the island to cosy cafes, in the nooks and crannies of the city, every moment here is a new experience and every bend, a new turn.
But what makes it the city, which we have come to love? The answer to this question lies in every street and every corner. It’s the people, the culture and the heritage.


The people of Havana, are the true gems of this city! They are the most friendly crowd in the world and are ready to help you at every footstep. Be it the history of Cuba or the culture of this city, the locals of Havana are ripe with interesting stories about their heritage that they are proud of.
The diversity of the crowd is one such example of their welcoming and warm attitude!


Speaking of culture, it is one thing that defines the city. Did you know that the average price of a concert or a film in Havana is roughly 30 cents in US Dollars which rounds up to 20 rupees? No, we aren’t joking!
The Ministry of Culture of Cuba made it a point to showcase the rich and vibrant culture of the city to the millions of tourists who visit this landmark every year. To make this process easier, they introduced free or very cheap tickets to cultural activities and even art or music institutions in Cuba! Count it as another reason to visit this charming country?


If heritage-travelling is your favourite, then Old-Havana is your new best friend. Why, you ask?
Simply because it is the heart and soul of Havana. Sprawling European-style Colonial buildings in every colour you can imagine, street singers everywhere, and a street filled with old and beautiful cathedrals and plazas. It cannot get better than that!
Mixing French Architecture, with Spanish aesthetics and adding a pinch of baroque style (for all of you, art aficionados out there), Old-Havana will steal your heart, with its picturesque beauty and charm. Just a walk along El Malecon is enough, to remind you of what you had missed all these years.

As you get on the plane to get back to reality, you’ll see how the city has embraced you and isn’t letting go now. You’ll close your eyes to see, vibrant colours enveloping the darkness. That’s the magic of Havana, it takes you along this colourful, and life-altering journey, and shows you the beauty in simplicity!
Did you ever think, one song could take you on such a whirlwind of a journey? From being clueless about this mystery town to not wanting to leave this city ever, we had gone through the same ups and downs that this city brought with it.
Inspired by this vividness of colours and the simplistic yet bold attitude towards life, this city taught us, we decided to create a homage to this paradise- The Havana Edition Socks.

Remembering the Spanish-influenced architecture of Old-Havana and the Vintage Ford Victorias?
With the colours from the bright colonial buildings, and the beautiful vintage motor cars, combined with the boldness of the personalities of the Cubans, The Havana Edition was created!

Ramesh Verma, a travel blogger, loves to pair his shorts with something fun and comfortable.
“I make vlogs, so looking good is really important to me. A few weeks ago, my wife gifted me the Havana Edition Socks, to celebrate my trip to Cuba, and I completely loved the socks! The material and the elastic is so comfortable. But the stripes and the colours stole my heart. The essence of Havana is in them! Loved it a lot Socksoho!”
We totally agree, Ramesh!

But who said Havana Edition socks are only for travellers? Piyush Agarwal, a banker, can’t get over the boldness the socks bring to him!
“Everybody notices the stripes and compliments me for my socks! It’s a fan favourite it seems. The colours are so well put, that it matches with everything I wear! I love wearing this pair! Thanks to my colleagues for introducing me to this world of fun and colour!”
LIke Piyush, you can also experience the energy and vibes of the paradise that is Havana. Pull up your socks now, because it is time to pack your bags and set on the adventure of your lifetime. Get on a Vintage ford taxi, take a bite out of the Cuban delicacies, and walk your heart's content through this beautiful landmark.
But in the end, “Half of our hearts are still stuck in Havana, ooh na na!”

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