Christmas Socks Are Here To Complete Your Holiday Season!

As a child, I always waited for Christmas because of the following two reasons -
  1. I get to eat a lot!
  2. And, I get to sleep a lot!
And you’d be surprised to know that these are still my top reasons I wait for Christmas!
Jokes apart, the heartwarming family gatherings, the stockings filled with gifts brings together the spirit of this festival. My heart yearns for more eggnog, plum cakes, and hand-knitted sweaters.
But the most special part is no doubt, giving and getting lots of Christmas gifts from your loved ones! Because what’s the point of working hard throughout the year when you can’t celebrate?

Throughout the year I kept a special tab on items that caught my eye as “gift material”. So, here are the top 5 unique gift ideas that will make you the “best gifter” in the room!-

1. Ho Ho Ho..Holiday Liquor!

There can be nothing more exciting than opening a new bottle of freshly picked whiskey every night in the cold and chilly weather! Which is why the Holiday Whiskey Advent Calendar is going to be the most eye-catching gift under the Christmas tree, this year! Whether it’s your father or your best friend, this advent calendar is the perfect gift to toast to an amazing year!

2. What if your hot chocolate would be perfectly hot forever?

Isn’t it everyone’s greatest dreams, to sip hot coffee any time of the day while gazing out into the white winter wonderland, and cosying up to a warm blanket and a book? We can’t guarantee a white winter but the hot coffee is just one click away. With these Temperature Control Smart Mugs and a Christmas Edition Tea Set, you can set up your merry tea parties, whenever and for however long you want!

3. Old memories and Christmas Carols

We’ve all grown up listening to “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer” and “Deck the halls”, which is why these carols are way more than just a holiday favourite! Gift somebody the precious nostalgia that that comes with these ever-cheerful and popular holiday tracks. A turntable or a collection of vinyls are a perfect gift to embrace these traditional practices and make more memories around them!

4. The feel of Christmas wherever you are!

And finally, if there is anything that defines Christmas, it surely is the iconic pine trees that adds to that whole festivity of this holiday! So, what’s better than the comforting glow of pine silhouettes to remind you of the calm and silent winter nights, throughout the year. This unique but simple Nordic Tea Light Trough is the best gift for your cousin who missed the Christmas family gathering this year. Let him feel the glow and warmth that makes Christmas, the best holiday ever!

5. Fun Socks! Crazy Socks! Quirky Socks! By SockSoho

Who doesn’t love a pair of warm and comfortable holiday socks? And that’s why these quirky Reindeer Edition Socks from SockSoho make it to the top in the Christmas Shopping list! Adorned with joyous and cheerful stars and featuring the most adorable Reindeer ever, this pair will surely win the hearts of everyone in your living room!

But what’s better than a pair of fun socks? 6 pairs of quirky, happy and crazy socks that will lift every mood up! The Happy Gift Box with the happiest and most amazing socks in it can be the most cherished gift for men! This Christmas spread the happiness by wearing these luxurious and super cosy, pairs of premium quality socks, to embrace the true spirit of the festival!

So could we make the last minute gift buying process a little better for you?

Jump in on the wagon, grab this moment and make sure to relive the excitement of the merry season, all year long. Whether it’s listening to some classic Christmas carols or trying some good quality whiskey every day, put on your socks and make it happen. Because as they say, “Warm Soles, warmer hearts”! Now, what are you waiting for? Christmas?

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