5 Reasons Why Picking Out The Right Summer Sock Is Crucial

Remember the day you wore those super uncomfortable socks which you had to pull up every 5 minutes or the ones that left a blister on your toe?

We all have heard about bad hair days but these bad underwear/socks days are worse!! Even though it is a very small part of our wardrobe when these things go wrong, the entire day is ruined!

Do you know that more than 72% of men we surveyed are not satisfied with the socks they currently get? And they are equally not sure on how to pick the perfect pair.
And since Indian summers are famous for their hotness ;) so the socks that work in the western market do not fit the needs of Indian men.
Here’s the perfect guide for you to find the right pair of socks so you can avoid all these BSD(Bad Socks Days)!

1. The Devil - How Tight Is The Elastic At Top?

This is the deal-breaker for most men out there. As per reports, If the elastic is too loose or too light, men won't wear the socks for the second time.
We should avoid wearing tight elastic socks not only for comfort reasons but also for health reasons. Tight elastic can restrict the blood flow to your feet which can result in swollen feet. This condition is called Peripheral Edema. Not only this, with restricted blood flow, you will feel tired very soon.
So why would you compromise your health at any cost?
While buying the perfect pair of socks, look for materials which have a soft mesh in the top region to warrant smooth blood flow and comfort while wearing it. It will also keep you more active throughout the day.

Bonus tip- Don't buy socks with too long or too short elastic. Stretch the elastic and see if it is soft and has the right(not tight) grip. Small ones are extra tight since they need to hold the entire sock up and long length elastics will be keeping a good area of your leg in constraint.

2. I Hate My Stinky Socks! Any Solution?

Remember the face of your wife when after a long day you were back home and kicked off your shoes leaving the room filled with the smell of your stinky socks? On top of that, if you are among the Sweaty Feet Syndrome club, you know the extra struggle to try to keep your socks fresh as always!
Since India is a hot country it is very easy to get stinky feet if you wore the wrong pair of socks. To avoid this, always choose socks made of premium combed cotton.
We asked Matthew Johns from Carolina, USA, an expert in textile science about why we should prefer cotton socks. And he says, “There is a reason why India is one of the largest producers of Cotton. It is one of the only materials that can handle the summers. Cotton is soft, lightweight, breathable and soaks up sweat, which allows heat to escape the body and makes your feet cool.”
To beat the heat of Indian Summers choose socks that are made with finest combed cotton and have antibacterial properties.
The cotton will keep your feet cool and soft while the antibacterial property will keep your feet odour-free and will prevent it from getting damp.
Bonus Tip- When next buying socks, always look for socks made with anti-bacterial combed cotton or Scottish lisle cotton. Trust us, you will never go back from there.

3. The Right Support System For Your Feet

You thought the hot loos were enough? Working in the Indian summer is tougher than anything else. Travelling in the heat can bring excessive pressure on your feet, which can be intensified by the heat formed inside your socks.
Heel and toe are two of the most crucial points in our feet, and a disturbance in either point can lead to discomfort and trouble in any movement of the leg. Extra support with cushioning in heel and toe can thus, flexibly conform to our movements and at the same time create a smooth surface for the feet to rest on.
Bonus Tip- Next time you buy your socks, always check if they have any cushioning in heel and toe.

4. My Socks Often Leave Me With Blisters On My Toe, What Can I Do About It?

That’s a great question!
Foot blisters due to socks are a prime concern for men around the world. In fact, in a survey conducted in 2019, more than 60% of men complained of experiencing scratchy feelings in their toes leading to discomfort.
But why are you experiencing scratchiness and blisters, you ask?
It’s because of the method of stitching in the toe region, which means, when all the stitches of a sock are connected, it is done by a sewing machine leaving a significant part of the ridge of the extra-material in the open. Due to the extra material (ridge) left in the toe region, your feet start getting chaffed and blisters start occurring.
One way to get rid of this is to buy socks with a seamless toe. With this technology, you won’t even notice the stitch in front and will never have to worry about blisters again!
Bonus Tip - When you’re buying socks, always check if they mentioned that it is seamless. If there is no mention, probably it is not seamless.

5. My Socks Become Damp The Moment I Step Out In Summers. What Can I Do About It?

If you got all prepared for summer fitness, by buying your favourite running socks, we have bad news. Running socks or sports socks, although extremely popular, are made of synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic and CoolMax. While they are good for wicking out moisture, they have a flaw that might change your whole perspective towards them. They absorb the moisture but do not wick it away, so the moisture remains on the surface leading to dampness
These thick sports socks does not allow the dampness or the moisture to leave the socks, thereby leaving your feet sweaty and smelly. But what’s worse, is that this dampness, if kept unchecked can cause fungal or algae infections that might take months to cure. You’ll never know when the infection starts, making it even more dangerous for you.
So, always look at the thickness of the socks before buying them. Go for natural materials such as cotton as much as possible, as these socks, in the long run, will properly heal your feet, and bring a huge change. You’ll see!
Bonus Tip- You can check the thickness, by sliding the sock in your hand, and putting it on top of your other hand. If you can feel the other hand as if nothing is in the middle, BINGO! You found the correct pair!

We at Socksoho have made 8 technological improvements to make the perfect socks for Indian men. Not only the yarn we use premium combed cotton but also the designs improvements have made us the "Most liked apparel by Indian Men".
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Founder of Lenskart, Amit Chaudhary, flaunting his SockSoho Socks

Rohit Verma a journalist, shares his experience. “Due to moving around in the heat so much, my feet had started to get swollen and no amount of message or medication was healing it.
I drastically changed my socks and switched to Socksoho, after my sister gifted me a striped pair of socks for my birthday. My profession needs me to look good as well as be comfortable and these socks did just that! The design on the socks brought out a lot of fun, and before I knew it, my swelling had decreased!
Always grateful to Socksoho!”
This summer take care of yourself in the best way possible. Drink lots of water, stay hydrated, pick out the right clothes and choose the best pair of summer socks in the world! Because as they say (they don’t but that doesn’t make this wrong), “Give a man, the right pair of socks and he can change the world”.

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