What’s Your Mr. Perfect Missing?

Bless you woman, if you have found 'Man of Your Dreams'. Touch wood.

Now, let’s get real. Tell me, at what one thing the Creator dozed off while designing your masterpiece?

Let me share mine.

I’ve known my man for 14 years now - dated him, married him and now have a baby with him.He is everything that I've ever wanted - generous, humble, kind, super smart! Wait, I did ask for some peppiness and liveliness when I applied for him to God. But, I had to settle with what I was getting. One thing amiss, no issues, I can fix him. Seemed like a good deal.
Take my word, it’s way easier said than done, girl, especially when you both come to know each other inside out and literally can hear each other’s thoughts. Yes, bragging a little but lamenting inside too. Absolutely no surprise element left! We can read each other’s moves.

It’s like cuddling with yourself!

No. I’m not going to give up that soon; one little thing at a time.

My ‘Eureka Moment’

Be it a man or a woman, what you wear do personify you, however, when you try something 'different' from your usual pick, it can give you wings. (Remember the time when you got into your first push-up bra and the magic that followed!) 

That was my ‘Eureka Moment’.
There began my spree to choose my weapon. 

Funky t-shirt or trendy jeans - too explicit
Gadget - only if he himself is sponsoring!
Innerwears - the definite reaction ‘What’s got into you, woman?
Socks - hmmm... possibly. Subtly can work as a charm.

So, my pick was ‘Look Into My Eyes’ edition by SockSoho.

Till now, he hasn't got any doubts in my intentions, obviously the socks explicitly says my love in my goofy way. And gradually it has secured its place in his regular picks of super boring blue and black ones.

(Victory cheers)

Yes, one at a time. I can live with that; for a while.

Ladies, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s perfect time to secretly roll-in your plan to spruce up your desired flavors in him. Believe you me. Start with fun designer socks that speaks (make sure, not scream) more YOU than him. 



Key Takeaway: Be your own 'Laila' to your real life 'Arjun'.


Fabulous socksss❣️

Falguni Upadhyay February 06, 2021

Wowwww, this is something amazing 😍

Preeti February 06, 2021

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