Why avoiding socks in summers is against your health?

The gravest crime you can commit against your feet this summer would be wearing shoes without socks. Socks play a vital role in keeping your feet healthy and comfortable. No matter what your choice of shoes is,  if you ignore wearing socks with your shoes in scorching Indian summers, you will compromise the health of your feet big time.

Below are the top 5 reasons why you should pull up your socks this summer:



Shoes without socks plus hot Indian weather is the perfect combo for stinky feet. Why? Well, it all comes down to bacterial growth on our feet. When you wear shoes without good quality antibacterial socks, your feet get warm and sweaty. Bacteria loves to feed on feet sweat and like anything else that eats, these bacteria make smelly waste. It is their waste that gives sweaty feet their nasty odour. It contains stinky chemicals like those made by skunks and rotten eggs. What is the solution you ask? SOCKS. Wearing antibacterial socks prevents bacterial growth on your feet and their sweat-absorbing feature keeps your feet dry and odour free.


Usually, we shop for good quality branded shoes and empty our pockets to give comfort to our feet. What we don't get is that even premium branded shoes without socks leave wounds, rashes and blisters to our feet due to friction caused during walking, hiking, jogging, running, etc. So, with shoes, good quality socks are a must. Socks reduce the friction between our feet and shoes. It acts as a protective shield to our feet from the hard sole of the shoes.


Clammy and sweaty feet in shoes makes for a miserable day. In summers, due to excessive heat, our feet get sweaty and invite all sorts of bacteria and bad odour. There is no escape route for moisture in our feet without socks in shoes. But don't worry! Your socks can help here. The socks can wick moisture away from your feet and release it into the air. 


Tip #1 - Do not wear too thick socks in summers as the moisture remains entrapped in thick socks.

Tip #2 - Buy pure cotton socks. Do not go for cheap socks. They might be light on your pocket but can prove very heavy on your skin and health.

Breathable and good quality socks wick moisture away from the feet and keep them dry and fresh.


Socks protect your feet from dirt, pollution and scorching heat. It prevents them from tanning, drying, cracking and chafing and keeps them hygienic and smooth. In addition to keeping them smooth, socks also protect the feet from hard objects on the ground. Although they can't fully protect them, they do minimize the pain and prevent them from getting wounded.



Not only physical health, but socks can help boost our mental and emotional health as well. These days men are showing off their personality via their socks. Be it stark red socks or theme-based panda socks, socks are a unique way to show off your personality. And what can cheer you better every morning than putting on happy colorful socks which resonates with you and your mindset?

P.S. Walk anywhere and everywhere in good quality and funky socks like you own the damn place.😎


Where can I buy the best summer socks in India online?

Now that we are on the same page regarding the health benefits of premium quality and unique printed socks in summer, the next question that arises is where can they be found in India? Well, I have got that covered as well.

SockSoho is a premium quality design sock brand for men. SockSoho socks are known to craft socks that are 100% cotton and designed to provide full comfort and support to your feet in hot Indian weather. 

Not only are these socks super comfortable, but they are also designed to suit the taste of 21st-century men. From funky socks to luxury socks for men, SockSoho.com is the best place to buy premium socks for men online.

Hesitant to wear calf length socks in summer? SockSoho has solution for that as well. With their amazing ankle length collection, they have covered all the parameters of your sock worries. 

So check out their collection and don’t forget to take care of your feet in summers. Stay healthy, Stay happy and stay safe.



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After reading the entire blog, my all confusions get cleared and now I have a better choice to do with socks in summer. Thanks a lot socksoho team for such helpful blog.
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