Do Women Like Men Who Wear Colorful Socks?

Socks are an interesting piece of attire. Women notice small details like socks that go with your outfit, or contrast in a stylish, tasteful way.

What those bold socks are communicating

Over-the-top socks are in the same vein as, say, a dramatic pair of eyeglasses frames or hairstyle. They tell others that you're a bit of a creative rebel who can think for himself, all while showing a playful side that can help others connect with you. They also can send the message that you're somewhat powerful--if you're wearing out-of-the-box socks, people may infer you must have earned the right to do your own thing and work outside the norm.

What women think of men wearing designer socks?

When we asked women how they feel about it, Laurie Schoff, a Senior Software Engineer at Google, said, “We women notice details and men do not know about it. If you smell nice, dress sharply, yes we notice it! Even though we might not always compliment but we’re always noticing. And with socks, it’s a different ball game altogether. We may not notice if you’re wearing black/Grey socks but if you’re wearing designer or luxury socks, that’s the first thing we will notice. And the first reaction is, Oh this guy is interesting!”

Smita Aand, an Investment Banker at Wall Street said, “I love men who express themselves from their socks! At Wall St. where all men are, generally, in black, blue or grey suit and socks help them to define themselves. It clearly makes them stand out and show a fun sense of personality.

A psychologist, Caren states that wearing colorful socks speaks volumes about someone’s individuality, creativity and intelligence.”

Reactions men got after wearing SockSoho socks

Le Martin from Florida says, “As a guy I never thought much about it until I switched from no show socks to the designer socks like SockSoho. Since I wear shorts every day in Florida my socks get seen a lot. At least 1 girl a day and usually more say “nice socks”. Even when we’re out for dinner or theater I get the same compliments. It’s become my new style with really cool sneakers for shorts or drivers with long pants. Really it’s can you try something and live with the exposure. Up to you.”

Ritesh Anand from Mumbai says, “I am an introvert and have hardly time to curate my look every day. But even with a simple attire when I wear nice designer socks, people notice. And this becomes a conversation starter. As a guy who is not a fashionista, adding a slight touch of good socks makes so much difference. And when women and men around compliment me, it definitely boosts my confidence!”

When asked from Simarpreet Singh, co-founder of SockSoho, he said, “When I am stage, one thing that sets me apart are my socks. I love styling my suits and socks to suit the occasion. Luxury socks and theme-based socks by SockSoho especially The Steve Jobs Socks Edition are my favorite”

How to match your socks?

If you wear them with pants and shoes, you look great. Don't match only your socks with your shoes, measure your complete get up prior wearing socks. Your socks should match one another & not have holes or visible stains. This is the reason that people like to buy SockSoho socks because they look perfect with pants and shoes.

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