What is the first thing you notice about men? Their smile? Their perfume? Their confidence? Well these days the eyes are capturing how men carry themselves and one of the latest trends that is making waves is men wearing funky designer socks with their dapper attire. But how did this funky colorful world of socks become the trend of Quirky Indian men?


Funky socks - A jump on the bandwagon

Funky, generally the first thing that comes to our mind after hearing this word is flashy and unpleasant. But for the new age Indian men, funky is something modern, unconventional and cool.

A few years back, everything about socks was plain boring colors that matched the outfit shade perfectly. The main sock colors were black, white, grey and blue. People followed the same color palette of black and white.

Now, times have changed. Now, I see men formally and elegantly dressed stepping out of that same old crowd with funky, colorful and fun printed socks and making a style statement of their own. Vibrant funky, happy print and fun theme based socks bring color to your boring plain wardrobe. Unique, happy, designer and fun prints on your feet with classy formal attire scream extraordinary and ingenuity.


Wondering where to find them and what are the different amazing themes available in Indian market?

Finding colorful, childish and cartoon print socks in India is not difficult. You can easily buy such socks online. Struggle is to find funky, designer, classic theme based premium quality socks in India that no men’s wardrobe drawer can resist.

SockSoho has come up with an incredible and quirky solution for your dilemma and struggle. SockSoho is a luxury socks brand for men. These premium quality designer socks are crafted from the world’s finest Scottish Lisle and Turkish Combed Cotton. Usually wearing socks for a long duration leaves marks on your calves and bad odor, but these socks are engineered to provide perfect grip to your feet without making you feel tight and do not leave marks even after wearing them for 18 hours consecutively and its antibacterial properties makes it odor free. So if you are looking for designer, quirky, funky and happy socks for men, give SockSoho socks a try.

From designer Steve Jobs to Silicon Valley, from Paris to London, from funky Vikings to quirky Reindeer, from cool stripes to formal dotted patterns.


Still hesitant to pull up funky socks?

Not only millennial but funky and quirky designer socks are making appearances on the feet of influencers like Ellen DeGeneres, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Robert Downey Jr, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Vicky Kaushal, Ayushman Khurana, legendary U2 Rockstars Bono and the Edge and top CEOs around the world.

SockSoho Justin Trudeau - Prime Minister of Canada flaunting his Funky socks.
SockSohoEllen DeGeneres rocking the Funky socks!

This is what fun loving people say about SockSoho Funky socks-

Qualitatively Superior product with unique designs and excellent packaging.”

“Loved the funky style”

“ Lovely socks - great quality and the right amount of quirkiness!” 

I am ready to move out from my stagnancy of monotonous color palette and pull up these incredible funky socks. Are you? 


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