5 reasons why SockSoho makes a great christmas gift.



Like PB & J’s, turkey sandwiches and thanksgiving celebrations – Christmas and socks are a classic pairing. There’s a good chance you’ve got a pair waiting for you under the tree, you’ve wrapped them for someone else or there’s one sock hanging up in your home.  
Here’s a thing, red socks as Christmas gifts go way back. But what’s made regular socks a go-to gift for so long too? 
The answer could be as simple as this: we all need socks. They’re a staple. No matter what fads come and go each year, socks are here to stay and you can never have too many, as old ones always wear out slowly & eventually. That means zero ‘do they already have this?’ anxiety about giving them as a gift. 
While they might not be the most original present, we’re firm believers in their top-tier gift status. And the real icing on the cake is when they’re not your regular departmental store socks. They’re SockSoho socks.

But there’s more to why SockSoho socks make the best Christmas gift ever;

  • It can’t get any more classy – 

Adding a single pair of socks to your cart or adding a dozen of them, they’re delivered in the most beautifully packed manner. That’s just the hook point of what’s inside those neatly packed boxes. The designs are so pleasing to your eyes and the feel is so luxurious to your feet. 


  • A perfect cosy & comfortable match - for the season

Every pair of socks from SockSoho are made using only the finest yarns \Scottish lisle cotton  - which is as much about looks as it is comfort, They're durable but still soft. To simply put, they’re the most comfortable things you’ll ever put on your feet. For an ideal Christmas night; sip on your hot chocolate, tune into your favourite show and get all cosy by putting on your SockSoho pair.

  • There’s a SockSoho sock for everyone.

And we mean everyone. Whether it’s quirky or solid designs (or a mix of both!), there’s a fun sock design everyone will like, guaranteed. Not kidding, Your dog will love these socks too!

  • Say-it-with-SockSoho this holiday season.

This SockSoho gift box can not only take you through Christmas but the whole holiday season. It’s a no-brainer. Just think about it; every time they wear the socks you gave them, they’ll think of you. While each pair is exceedingly durable, retaining vibrant colour, wash after wash. They’re here to stay for years. A year later from now they might still be using your gift ;) nailed it! right?

  •  It could be a start of a fun sock collection

Your gift to someone could prompt a passion for quirky novelty socks and inspire someone to start their very own sock collection!

Now, you don’t have to wait until Christmas just go to socksoho.com and get our gift boxes or single pair of socks if you’d like; to each their own :) And till then Merry Christmas!

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