How To Remove The Smell From Your Socks

Sometimes, just washing your socks isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need to take extra measures, so we’re going to teach you how to remove the smell from socks, going above and beyond standard detergent and scent fresheners.

We’re going to share some tips on how to revitalize your crusty, smelly old socks and freshen them up. Then, we’ll let you in on a little known solution to prevent smelly socks from ever causing you grief again. Let’s start by explaining why your socks seem to smell worse than normal.

What Causes Odors To Become More Intense In Socks?

The cause of smelly socks is actually a bacteria, which accumulates in your sweat. That is why socks used for athletic purposes are notorious for reeking up the laundry basket.

How To Remove The Smell From Socks In Four Steps

No matter how bad your socks smell, we have a remedy that will breathe new life into them and allow you to wear them confidently in public again. Here’s how to remove the smell from your socks.

Step 1) Start With A Soak

Before you start scrubbing anything, fill a basin or your laundry room sink with hot water and white vinegar at a ratio of 1 gallon to 2 cups.

Then, dunk your smelly socks into the solution and allow them to soak for some time. The longer, the better, but a half hour or so should be fine.

White vinegar has natural deodorizing properties, and is far more powerful than any product you’ll find in the laundry aisle. Plus, it’s complete natural!

By allowing the fibers of your socks to soak up the white vinegar, the odors won’t stand a chance.

Step 2) Run A Normal Wash Cycle

Load your socks in with the rest of your laundry basket and run a wash cycle as you normally would, using your standard detergent and settings.

If you don’t have a laundry basket’s worth, consider just hand washing in the sink. 

Step 3) Dry The Socks Completely

Then, dry the socks with a dryer sheet or hang dry them in the sun - the choice is yours, but ensure they get completely dry before folding and putting away. Otherwise, the moisture will create a nasty mildew smell.

Sock Soho Prevents Odors From Occurring In The First Place!

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